Thursday, August 30, 2007

PostgreSQL or Postgres

There's a discussion going on right now on the PostgreSQL advocacy mailing list, about whether to change the name from PostgreSQL back to Postgres, which was its original name. To summarize and oversimplify the conversation, many people seem to feel that PostgreSQL is awkward, hard to read, and/or too often mispronounced. Others feel that a name change is not worth the effort.

From my perspective, it's time for a change. Postgres's name was changed to PostgreSQL in the 90's, when its query language to modernized to SQL. It is now 2007, and everyone's query language is now SQL. In other words, it's no longer anything to brag about, and is actually distracting, in my opinion.

We've put a one-question survey onto the EnterpriseDB Postgres site, asking about this topic. If you have an opinion, please stand up and be counted. Thanks.

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