Thursday, September 6, 2007

A New Database Blog

Michael Stonebraker and several other database luminaries have just started a new blog that is worth checking out. Stonebraker was the principal architect behind Postgres and Ingres, and commercialized them into Ingres Corp., Illustra, and others.

The first entry in the blog calls attention to Stonebraker's new company Vertica and its column-oriented database technology. For data warehousing and certain specialized databases, Stonebraker claims a 50-fold performance improvement. Very impressive, indeed. And for these specialized circumstances, probably very appropriate.

Stonebraker makes the point that traditional databases, including Oracle and Postgres, are 25 years old and somewhat long-in-the-tooth. Perhaps. But for most of us, they are also proven and stable technologies that work for the millions of systems in which they're installed. Indeed, it is precisely because Oracle and Postgres are so proven and stable that EnterpriseDB believes they should be far less expensive and cross-compatible with each other.

Vertica's job is to take databases to the next frontier. Ours is to make the current frontier easy to use, affordable, and accessible to everyone.