Tuesday, August 7, 2007

EnterpriseDB Announcements

I want let you all know about three very exciting (at least I think so) announcements coming out of EnterpriseDB at LinuxWorld today.

First, we are releasing a fully open source, commercial grade, cross platform distribution of PostgreSQL and supporting technologies called EnterpriseDB Postgres. This distribution is drop-dead simple to install and use , and comes pre-bundled and configured with replication, administration tools, client connectors, spatial capabilities, security, encryption, and more. Until now, PostgreSQL had a reputation as a great database that was hard to install and configure. No more. Going forward, it’ll be way easier to use than MySQL, with no loss of its robust capabilities.

Second, we are launching the EnterpriseDB Postgres Resource Center (PRC). This is a community website (http://postgres.enterprisedb.com) that will be the home of EnterpriseDB Postgres. It will also house a robust community forum, and a ton of useful tools, applications, documents, articles, FAQs, etc. It is our hope and intention that the PRC will be a important destination site for people who use PostgreSQL, both commercially and in non-profits.

Both of these announcements reflect our ongoing commitment to PostgreSQL and its community, and to providing the best commercial PostgreSQL support, services, and training available in the world.

Finally, we’re announcing today the release of GridSQL, a major new product. GridSQL is a parallel database server that automatically partitions data across any number of servers, and provides nearly linear performance scalability. What’s really cool about GridSQL is that it implements this shared nothing distributed architecture in a way that is transparent to the calling applications. Just install, connect your servers, and go. Available at a fraction of the cost of any comparable solution, GridSQL is something to watch.

One caveat. All three of these new additions are in version 1.0 right now. They will be growing in depth and breadth over the coming weeks and months, so give them a try (they’re all available for free), and let me know what you think. Thanks.

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