Sunday, August 5, 2007

Summer of Bourne

I tend to be a little obsessed with work, and find very little time for recreational reading. But when I went to Curacao earlier this summer (phenomenal dolphin program there), I was looking for a little escape. With the Bourne Ultimatum coming out in August, I opted for the prior book in the series, the Bourne Supremacy. What a great read! 700 pages of pure, adrenalin pumping fun, with a deep and complex character to keep it interesting.

So to complete the picture, I went to see Bourne Ultimatum last night. Realistically, I wouldn't have gotten back to the book for months. Matt Damon does a great -- and nicely understated -- job of capturing the character. With supporting stints from Albert Finney (is he ever less than great?), Joan Allen, and David Strathairn, it's a worthwhile accompaniment to high-fat popcorn.

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Robert Treat said...

Hmm... I went and saw this movie last night as well. I thought the movie was good, though not as good as the first (I've resigned myself to the fact that the hook of all three movies; a spy waking up not knowing who he is; can only get weaker since he finds out more details as the series progresses).

I did take issue with the "herky-jerkiness" of the camera work; I think it was meant to add a level of "frenetic-ness" to the movie, but I think a more steady camera, letting you get a more focused view of the action sequences, would have been more enjoyable.

I'm also curious what the point of the interplay between Damon and Stiles characters was. It hints at something more between them, but it is never explored/explained. Maybe they are saving it for "The Bourne Domestification"