Saturday, February 23, 2008

PostgreSQL: More Traffic than MySQL?

MarkMail, a mailing list archive service, found that Postgres gets far more traffic in its mailing lists than MySQL. Since, January 2000, MySQL has 340,000 messages with about 3000 new messages per month. Meanwhile, Postgres has 583,000 messages in that same period and 7,000 new messages each month! You can read all of the details and see the charts here.


Tim Bowden said...

Andy, I first found these stats via Matt Assay's PostgreSQL v MySQL post. He followed it up with a post about takeover activity in the open source world. The juxtaposition of these two posts got me thinking about the affect of open source licensing on business valuations. Then I ran into your own post about the EnterpriseDB licensing model. I guess the GPL v BSD wheel is one that's going to keep turning indefinitely.

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