Thursday, May 10, 2007

Red Hat Exchange

Today, EnterpriseDB announced that it has joined Red Hat Exchange (RHX) as one of six founding partners. Today's news was exciting for us for a few reasons.

First, we predict that RHX and its distributors, integrators and resellers will prove to be a powerful and effective distribution channel for EnterpriseDB. Hopefully many of you saw the recent news that Bill Doyle has joined the EnterpriseDB team as our senior vice president of business development. Bill’s principal responsibility is to architect and implement our channel program, and EnterpriseDB’s membership in RHX will complement his efforts nicely.

Second, we are excited about joining RHX because we are pleased to share the honor and responsibilities of our RHX founding partner role with a group of outstanding open source leaders that include EnterpriseDB Partner Program members Alfresco, Pentaho and SugarCRM.

Finally, we view Red Hat’s selection of EnterpriseDB as a founding RHX partner as an affirmation of EnterpriseDB’s philosophy and strategy in the context of the recent, vigorous debate about what constitutes an “open source company.” I will post an entry on that topic in the next few days that will include links to various conversations on this topic. As readers of this space know, EnterpriseDB is based on the very popular and powerful PostgreSQL open source database; conversely, we make EnterpriseDB Advanced Server available under a proprietary software license. We see our leadership role in Red Hat Exchange as a strong endorsement of the proposition that the advantages of open source software will be delivered to enterprises in many different, yet compatible, ways.

We wish Red Hat Exchange and all its ISV and channel partners every success.

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